Nissan e-4ORCE Explained

February 22nd, 2023 by

The 2023 Nissan Ariya has officially arrived in Reno, NV, and with it comes an innovative all-wheel-drive technology called Nissan e-4ORCE. 

Built around dual electric motors, Nissan e-4ORCE is an all-electric, all-wheel-drive system that provides instant torque to all four wheels and balanced, confidence-inspiring power in any driving situation. 

If you’re curious about how this system works, keep reading. We’ll cover what makes e-4ORCE unique and how it enhances the performance of the 2023 Nissan Ariya.


What is Nissan e-40RCE? 

Nissan e-4ORCE is a fine-tuned, four-wheel-control technology designed for electric vehicles (EV), specifically the Nissan Ariya. This revolutionary system distributes power independently to all four wheels, allowing for an even distribution of torque and providing better traction and stability in various road conditions. The system also uses regenerative braking to enhance the vehicle’s handling and performance, while simultaneously recuperating some of the energy used to recharge its battery. Nissan e-4ORCE can also monitor and adjust the power delivery based on driving conditions and driver input, making it Nissan’s most responsive and dynamic system yet.


How It Works 

Nissan developers used their experience working on the GT-R and the Nissan Intelligent 4×4 system to build the e-4ORCE technology. Through extensive research, testing, and fine-tuning, they crafted a system that maximizes power output, as well as delivers smoother handling and comfortability. 

Nissan e-4ORCE technology works to support drivers in three ways: 


Unlike gas-powered vehicles, electric motors require fewer parts. With fewer moving pieces, there’s no energy lost to friction, meaning drivers get a near-instantaneous response from vehicles. 

Nissan capitalizes on this opportunity for performance-based EVs by incorporating dual motors into their e-4ORCE system. The result: powerful, responsive handling no matter the road conditions.

Icy, wet, or uneven roads can be stressful, even for the most experienced drivers. Thanks to e-4ORCE’s precision and brake control, though, drivers can ensure their wheels have the most grip possible. Plus, e-4ORCE also manages output, meaning if the driver applies too much force, the system will ensure control and traceability. 


There’s a common saying in driving etiquette, “Don’t be polite; be predictable.” Predictability in driving saves lives, so having a vehicle that can maintain predictable behavior, even during sudden maneuvers, is a safety necessity. 

It’s far too common for drivers to experience poor vehicle handling while flowing through traffic, especially on roundabouts. They may notice their vehicle is thrown to the outer edges when accelerating, or they have to readjust the steering wheel to stay in the middle of the lane.

Nissan e-4ORCE addresses these common car troubles by modulating the output of each motor, as well as the brake control to create dependable control for the driver. Depending on the road and driving condition, e-4ORCE can distribute torque to either the car’s front and rear wheels to maximize tire friction, an equal distribution of 50/50, or a mix in between. 

With these features, the driver is left with a heightened level of control and minimal adjustments.


Comfort was a top priority when designing e-4ORCE, according to Nissan. Their challenge was to craft a thrilling, impressive EV while also guaranteeing a smooth ride for the driver and all passengers. 

One way they accomplished this was through their all-wheel regenerative braking. With regenerative braking, the energy is recaptured when the car slows, sending that electricity back to the battery. Because e-4ORCE is managed through each wheel, regenerative braking also works to reduce the vehicle’s pitch and dive. The result is a cabin that’s more level, preventing motion sickness in stop-and-go traffic.

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